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Spanish language school

Information about Salamanca

Considered to be the land of knowledge, it is the third most populous city within the province of Salamanca. Its origins date back 2700 years, during the first Iron Age. Salamanca was a city of great splendor in university life. It houses the oldest university in Spain, created in 1218, and, at the same time, the most prestigious university of the West in its time. The city has several titles and recognitions for its hospitality, education, and history. The historic area was declared a World Heritage site by the UN.

Salamanca is a city with a high architectural and cultural value that mixes modern life with ancient architecture. It is also known for being a highly touristic city with a natural environment and is one of the most active throughout the year. You can live a multicultural environment and at the same time feel the history of the city, which is an incredible experience.

Salamanca is a place where knowledge is generated and also considered to talk the “best” spanish language in all the cities of Spain, it is definitely a place full of traditions.

Salamanca is undoubtedly one of the best places to learn Spanish. Check the Spanish schools we have available in Salamanca and be part of the history of Spain.