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Information about Malaga

Study Spanish in Malaga, the largest and most populated coastal city in southern Spain. Founded in the 8th century, it is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

Declared a historical site due to traces of different civilizations that passed through the centuries, this will make your experience something unique. Monuments from different periods are conserved in the city.

The city has beautiful parks and botanical gardens, museums, and palaces.

The historic center is full of interesting places where you can enjoy Malaga’s wines or a delicious coffee in the morning. The city is also known for being the birthplace of Pablo Ruiz Picasso. It is a city that contrasts its ancient architecture and with that of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

Malaga has many places of interest that you can visit, as well as its beaches, where you can sunbathe and enjoy the sea breeze. Malaga is another of the beautiful cities of Spain that we are sure will make your stay something special.

Learning Spanish in Malaga is a unique experience that you will never forget. Check out the Spanish schools we have in Malaga and let yourself be seduced by the charm of this beautiful city.