LinguaSchools Madrid

Introduction of thee school

LinguaSchools is a school accredited by the Cervantes Institute and is not only located in Madrid but also in other Spanish cities.

The school is located near the Bilbao metro station, the tourist center of Madrid. Here you can experience the true lifestyle of Madrid.
The vibrant district of Chueca is also nearby, and there is a nice tapas bar next to the school, where several students during the break and after class always enjoy chatting.

At LinguaSchools Madrid you can study quality Spanish with experienced and enthusiastic teachers.

Intensity of the school

This school has an average intensity, offering a perfect balance this study and enjoy your days in Spain.

The lessons of Linguaschools are very enjoyable, making your classes dynamic and entertaining.

School services



Computer room

Pick up at the airport

Air-conditioned room

Snack room

School course

This is an intensive Spanish course with a duration of 20 hours per week with 55 minutes per lesson.
Classes use communication techniques and address all aspects of language: grammar, conversation, vocabulary, listening, reading and writing.
If you are a complete beginner (level A1), the recommended start date is set.

Schedule and Enrollment Outline​

Morning class 09:30 to 13:30

July: 15th
August: 5th
September: 2nd, 16th
October: 7th, 21st
November: 4th
December: 2nd

Course duration

Without student visa: from 1 week up to 3 months.
With a student visa: from 3 up to 12 months.

*Visa not required in case you are student from Europe, Switzerland, Iceland or Norway.

Here for more in depth Spanish Student Visa information.

Cost of the course

* 100 € deposit, the rest (course, accommodation and transfer from the airport will be paid at the school on your first day of the course.

* Tax, textbooks and registration fee included.

Location of the school

The school is located close to metro station Bilbao, on the edge of Madrid’s touristic centre. Here you will experience the real Madrid lifestyle, and will really easy to access to anywhere due to is good location. Also close to the lively Chueca district, and typical Spanish tapas bar just next to the school, excellent for the lesson breaks, you will always find other Schools students in there.

Stations near the school

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