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Information about Granada

Granada is located 680 meters above sea level in the highest part of the Iberian Peninsula. This city has very different neighborhoods and is famous for its proximity to the famous professional ski center, as well as its historic center, which is one of the most beautiful in Spain.

Granada has museums, science parks, and universities and is one of the favorite destinations for European exchange students.

Granada is known for its festivities of music and dance. It is also a favorite place for young people. Spring parties and crosses are the biggest expressions of youth fashion. The youthful character of university students in the city and its projection as a city of rest provide enormous festivities on weekends. Granada is a city full of history but with a youthful and cheerful air.

This historic and majestic city offers you a unique experience. Study Spanish in Granada and fall in love with their language and culture. Check the Spanish schools we have in Granada.