Introduction of thee school

BCNLIP is a Spanish language school that was founded in 2008. The philosophy of this schools is offers programs where the student learns living the language in all its magnitude. You will enjoy their modern installations and teachings skills, but traditional for its family spirit and its centenary buildings.

Also you can find a free coffee and cookies space, WIFI, Book and movie loan service and also is adapted for the disabled among some of its virtues. Last but not least, BCNLip is a certified school by the Cervantes Institute.

Intensity of the school

This school has a high intensity, guaranteeing the time you will invest in this school will be extremely productive.

School services


School adapted for the disabled

Free Coffee and cookies space

Pick up at the airport

Book and movie loan service

Computer room

School course

This is a general Spanish course that consists of 20 weekly lessons with a duration of 55 minutes each. In these general courses you will work the four skills (speaking, understanding, writing and reading) giving special importance to speech. They use a communicative method so that you can practice and apply Spanish in everyday situations from the first day of class.

Schedule and Enrollment Outline​

Morning class 09:30 to 13:30
Afternoon class 17:00 to 21:20

Course duration

Without student visa: from 1 week up to 3 months.
With a student visa: from 3 up to 12 months.

*Visa not required in case you are student from Europe, Switzerland, Iceland or Norway.

Here for more in depth Spanish Student Visa information.

Cost of the course

* Registration fee of 60 €, includes first book and other services.

Location of the school

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