Study Spanish in Spain

If you are planning to study abroad to learn Spanish, Tintudy will provide you a service that connects you with a language school in Spain.
Learn new languages, visit numerous impressive places and learn more about Spanish culture and lifestyle.
Learn from Spanish native speakers, watch around from a new perspective and enjoy learning Spanish.

Spanish courses in Spain in a simple way

Do you want to travel to Spain?

Do you want to learn Spanish or improve your language skills?

Have you considered travelling one season to this European country?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then our services are exactly what you need. With our personalized advice and support, learning Spanish in Spain is at the reach of anyone.

Taking a Spanish course in cities like Barcelona or Madrid can become one of the most important experiences for your personal development, providing you with a new range of relational and communicational skills and abilities that can only be acquired by having direct contact with Spanish speakers.

Tintudy have the necessary tools to guide you through the entire process of learning Spanish in Spain, with the advantage of enjoying an incomparable experience. We help you to select the school, coordinate your transportation, hosting and even help you to maintain communication with your family and friends by providing a Spanish SIM card.

Enjoy the charms of Spain

Cultural diversity is one of the nation’s greatest treasures. Its irregular geography has given rise to a diverse culture rich in shades that is worth getting to know up-close.

Depending on the region of the country we can find radical variations in the climate and this has made the habits, clothing, music and gastronomy diverse and interesting.

Spain has an endless number of marvellous tourist destinations, combining breathtaking scenery with impressive buildings of great historical importance that must be visited at least once in a lifetime.

The schools where the courses are taken are located in the most important cities, giving the student constant and fast access to all the tourist and recreational activities that take place daily.

Learning Spanish in Spain means connecting in a special way with the language of Cervantes, connecting with the customs and lifestyle of the natives, getting to know the most colourful locations and enjoying the vibrant nightlife, which is one of the main attractions of the big cities for the youngest.

The importance of learning Spanish in modern life

Why learn Spanish in Spain?

Learning a new language is a valuable personal and professional skill. Learning Spanish in Spain can help you make new friends and interact with people you would otherwise not have access to because of the language barrier.

Also, you will be able to highlight in your professional curriculum the mastery of a language of great influence worldwide, being the third most spoken language after English and Mandarin.

Being a fanatic of reading, learning Spanish in Spain can open the door to discover an impressive literary treasure that will take you to know the works of the great masters Neruda, Garcilaso, Allende, Quevedo, Bécquer, Cervantes and García Márquez, so you can appreciate the original language at its best.

Spanish is a very influential language in music, film and arts in general, as well as in business, as it is spoken in more than 25 countries.

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Learning Spanish in Spain will boost your personal development to a new level through interaction with a diverse culture. Get in direct contact with the music, the gastronomy and the wonderful places that are hidden in the most important cities of Spain.

The Tintudy team is ready to offer all the help and guidance you need to plan one of the most significant trips of your life.