Introduction of thee school

JTIS – Japan Tokyo International School is a place of opportunities to live a multicultural exchange experience. Focused on promoting the talents and skills of young generations, they are the ones who take advantage of any international and cultural connection with Japan to train brilliant professionals.

JTIS school has its doors open for young generations from any part of the world who are interested in wanting to learn Japanese in long and short term courses. Adapting to your reality and disposition they also offer business and nocturnal courses for people actually residing in Japan.

The JTIS lessons are taught in small classes, so they are perfect if you want to focus on the lessons and be less distracted, also that teachers can spend more time with their students in a more personalized way.

Intensity of the school

This school has a medium intensity, offering a perfect balance between study and leisure, leaving you a lot of free time to enjoy your days in Japan.

School services

Accepts beginner level students

Accepts students from all over the world

English speaking staff

Assistance in finding part-time and full-time work


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School course

This is a general Japanese course that consists of 15 weekly lessons with a duration of 90 minutes each. It’s especially designed for beginner students wanting to reach an intermediate level or students who want to reach higher education in Japan (University or Senkono Gakko) and opt to work full time in the future and can communicate with a fluent Japanese.

Schedule and registration scheme

Morning class from 09:00 a 12:15.
Morning class from 13:30 a 16:45.

Course duration

Without student visa: 3 months.
With student visa: from 6 to 24 months.

Here for more in-depth information of Japanese student visa.

Enrollment Outline

Enrollment periodCourseRegistration period
1 of JanuaryGeneral course – Up to 2 years1 of June – 31 of August
4 of AprilGeneral course – Up to 2 years1 of August – 31 of October
7 of JulyGeneral course – Up to 2 years1 of December – 28 of February
10 of OctoberGeneral course – Up to 2 years1 of February – 30 of April

Course prices

  • 3 Months ¥ 240,000
  • 6 Months ¥ 431,200
  • 12 Months ¥ 722,800
  • 18 Months ¥ 1,041,800
  • 21 Months ¥ 1,200,500
  • 24 Months ¥ 1,359,200

Breakdown of course prices for 12 months

Total fee for enrolling 1st year course: 722,800¥ in total.

Total course cost breakdown

ItemsIndividual price
Enrollment fees54,000¥
Fees of equipment and maintenance32,400¥
Tuition Fee of the 1st year583,200¥
Teaching materials fees for 1st year21,600¥
Utility fee21,600¥
International student insurance10,000¥

*There will be a processing fee that can will be pay by crash or bank transfer to the school: 25000¥.
*All prices have Tax. included.

Total fee for enrolling 2nd year course: 626,400¥ in total.

Total course cost breakdown

ItemsIndividual price
Fees of equipment and maintenance26,600¥
Tuition Fee of the 2nd year583,200¥
Teaching materials fees for 2nd year21,600¥

*If the school period is shortened due to entering university, the tuition fee would be calculated monthly (48,600 ¥/month).
*All prices have Tax. included.

Location of the school

Nishi-Shinjuku is surrounded by restaurants and all kinds of shops, It is located next to the most important commercial and administrative center of Tokyo, where it is located Shinjuku station, the busiest in Japan and worldwide, according to the statistics of 3 and a half million passengers a day.

Stations near the school

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