Introduction of thee school

NIA Nagoya international academy will teach you how to domain the multifaceted perspectives for success into japanese society.

You will not just only using textbooks, in order to improve your natural communication skill, NIA lessons will also teach you manners and strategies that are required in japanese society.

NIA also believes that real-life scenarios are the way to go while learning japanese, they will make your communications skills reach higher levels, participating in speeches and debates letting you also explain yourself offering extra-curricular activities for make you use japanese in a more real situation way, and helping you to understand more japanese society.

The NIA lessons are taught in small classes, so they are perfect if you want to focus on the lessons and be less distracted, also that teachers can spend more time with their students in a more personalized way.

Intensity of the school

This school has a medium intensity, offering a perfect balance between study and leisure, leaving you a lot of free time to enjoy your days in Japan.

School services

Accepts beginner level students

Accepts students from all over the world

English speaking staff

Assistance in finding part-time and full-time work


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School course

This is a general Japanese course that consists of 15 weekly lessons with a duration of 90 minutes each. It’s especially designed for beginner students wanting to reach an intermediate level or students who want to reach higher education in Japan (University or Senkono Gakko) and opt to work full time in the future and can communicate with a fluent Japanese.

Schedule and registration scheme

Morning class from 09:00 a 12:15.
Morning class from 13:30 a 16:45.

Course duration

Without student visa: 3 months.
With student visa: from 6 to 24 months.

Here for more in-depth information of Japanese student visa.

Enrollment Outline


Enrollment periodCourseRegistration period
4 of AprilPreparatory course – Up to 2 years1 of August – 31 of October
10 of OctoberPreparatory course – Up to 2 years1 of February – 30 of April

*For those with other visas than student visa can sroll anytime they want.

Courses prices

  • 3 Months ¥ 210,000
  • 6 Months ¥ 379,360
  • 12 Months ¥ 619,120

Breakdown of course prices for 12 months

Location of the school

Its a city with relatively good transport connections, also a place with a lot of apartments and buildings with people that is commonly moving from other areas.

The Higashiyama Animal Botanic Garden (Higashiyama zodiac garden) is famous for having koalas and sakura blossoms are nearby.

This is a residential area, with good connections to downtown areas and office buildings ara line up in just 15 minutes using the Higashiyama line.

Here you will can find a peaceful place to live while you are learning japanese.

Stations near the school

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