Genki JACS

Introduction of thee school

GENKI Japanese Culture School is a place that focus in teaching Japanese for communication and everyday life. All lessons are imparted by accredited japanese language teachers.

The GENKI JACS lessons are taught in small classes, up 8 students class, with a average of 4 students per class, making sure each student have the maximum attention by the teachers, boosting the learning experence.

Intensity of the school

This school has a medium-hight intensity, offering a good balance between study and leisure, leaving you some free time to enjoy your days in Japan.

School services

Accepts beginner level students

Accepts students from all over the world

English speaking staff

Assistance in finding part-time and full-time work


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School course

This is a general Japanese course that consists of 20 weekly lessons with a duration of 50 minutes each. It’s especially designed for beginner students wanting to reach an intermediate level or students who want to reach higher education in Japan (University or Senkono Gakko) and opt to work full time in the future and can communicate with a fluent Japanese.

Schedule and registration scheme

Morning class from 09:30 a 13:10.
Morning class from 14:05  to 17:45.

Course duration

Without student visa: 3 months.
With student visa: from 6 to 24 months.

Here for more in-depth information of Japanese student visa.

Enrollment Outline for long durations courses (6 month and ahead)

Enrollment periodCourse lenghtRegistration period
1 of JanuaryFrom 6 to 18 months1 of June – 31 of August
2 of AprilFrom 6 to 18 months1 of August – 31 of October
2 of JulyFrom 6 to 18 months1 of December – 28 of February
1 of OctoberFrom 6 to 18 months1 of February – 30 of April

For short time courses

For all levels except complete beginner: Every Monday throughout the year.

For complete beginners: First Monday of every month, and third Monday of June, July and August.

School courses pricing

Location of the school

Stations near the school

Leave the station at the Chikushi-guchi exit (train) or Higashi-6 exit (subway). Head up the road keeping the SHIDAX karaoke building on your left. Turn left at the big red-brick building and walk to the next big crossroad. Cross the road towards the Fukuoka child career college, then turn right. Keep an eye out for the ASC Building on on your left – you want to turn left here. If you see the HottoMotto on your left, you’ve gone too far! Walk straight up this road. GenkiJACS is the second building on your left.

Here is the school address in Japanese, for your reference. Print this out to show to a taxi driver or passerby if you are worried about finding the school.


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