Staying less than 90 days, non-renewable:

A) You DON’T need a visa if you hold a passport from:

Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Corea, Croatia, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Serbia, Singapore, Taiwan, USA.

B) If you don’t hold a passport from the previous places.

You need to get a Tourist visa or a Schengen. You need to contact your nearest Consulate who tell you everything in more detail. Tourist visas usually takes about 15 days to come through.

Staying more than 90 days, non-renewable:

You need a student visa (Type C). You have to contact your nearest consulate. This visa usually takes 7 weeks to come through.

Staying more than 180 days, renewable:

If your plan is stay in Spain is for a period longer than 180 days you will have to request, within one month of your arrival in Spain, an authorization for the completion of your studies. ISLA will help you do this.

Also if you plan to renew your visa in the future, you will have to indicate your intention on the first visa application.

You will need to have the following documentation:

*A legalised medical certificate

*Criminal record certificate