1. You must complete an online form on our website and we will ask you for specific documents.
  2. After completing the forms Andy sending the documents reviewed and sent to the school.
  3. The school reviewed and confirmed its application, it was sent to the immigration department.
  4. Once the application is approved by immigration, you must pay the tuition requested by the school to receive the Certificate of Eligibility (COE).
  5. You must take your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to the embassy or consulate of Japan in your country to obtain the visa before entering Japan.

It is not necessary to be a student to enroll in a language school.

Yes, sometimes immigration may request extra information, age is not a limiting factor.

For those who plan to study in Japan it is possible to renew the visa for up to two years, the school will take care of it, just worry about attending the class since a high percentage of attendance is required to be able to renew it.

For Spain it is possible to extend the visa, but if you plan to enter a university after completing your language studies you must state it in the visa application.

The prices of the schools can vary according to the duration, type of course, dates and times. You can check the prices of the schools in detail on our page.

If you plan to study for a period of 6 months or less you will have to make a single payment to the school. If on the contrary you plan to study more than 6 months it is usually possible to divide the payments every 6 months.

Yes, in Japan it is allowed to work up to 28 hours a week with a student visa and a maximum of 40 hours during the holidays.

For Japan it is necessary to pass the exam EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Student) so we recommend a high level of Japanese, at least the JLPT 2, unless you decide to apply for a university where they use English as a language principal.

No, scholarships are granted only by universities and the government to exchange students who seek to study a bachelor’s, postgraduate and doctorate. They must also meet established requirements, such as age, type of studies, language level, qualifications, etc.

If you are interested in a scholarship, we suggest that you consult it in the embassy of the country where you wish to study to obtain more information in detail.

Yes, in Spanish schools in Spain they already offer accommodation in their own residences, where you will share housing with classmates in some cases.

In Japan not all schools offer residency, in short we hope to offer more alternatives for accommodation.

The minimum duration of any language course is one month, in some cases if the course is less than three months you do not require a visa, however we suggest you check with the embassy in your country as it varies for some countries.

The courses are available all year round, but we suggest you start with the documentation and procedures at least three months before starting the course as the process can be slow in many cases due to immigration procedures.

Classes in Japanese language schools are generally taught in 4 lessons of 50 minutes per day.

In Spanish schools classes can be taught from 2 to 6 lessons of 55 minutes per day (if you want to apply for a student visa you must register in a minimum 15-hour weekly course).

Yes, we collaborate with an operator that offers SIM cards and pocket wifi in Japan, all in a simple way and without any kind of permanence. More information.

In Spain we hope to offer the same service in brief.

As a general rule, schools offer this service for a small fee.

In Tokyo – Japan we offer pick up at the airport for free, one of the members of Tintudy will be waiting for you in the terminal for how long the plane lands, you can easily recognize it by a sign with our logo and your name.

Some of the schools offer extracurricular activities, but it will depend on which season you visit the country. In any case, life as a language student is always very active, and very interesting plans will always emerge with your classmates.