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Why study abroad?

In Tintudy we know that we live in a more globalized and demanding world, every day there is more interest on the part of young people to learn new languages, more quickly and efficiently, this is reflected in the language offers and the use of technologies . That is why the interest in studying abroad has increased, many young people seek to become an exchange student, but in many cases without the knowledge and guidance necessary is almost impossible as it is not clear where to start.

In Tintudy we also believe that the best way to learn a language is to do it within the country of origin. It is true that going to the local language schools are of great help mainly for those who are starting from the most basic.
The reason is that schools can be good but they will always be limited to a schedule, so students will be in contact with the language only during classes which in turn makes learning slow or even boring and tedious.

In contrast studying abroad will allow you to learn the language faster because you will be in contact with native speakers of the language at all times, and it will open the doors to many opportunities that you would otherwise not have: living abroad, deepening the culture, gastronomy, continue some studies and even the possibility of developing professionally.

That is why Tintudy is here, we provide you access, we are the key to new opportunities.



Our support and advice does not have any cost. You will not be alone once you decide to seize this opportunity. Take advantage now and do not leave it for later. Enrich your life with new experiences and challenges.


We will offer you a personalized treatment, which will adapt to your situation and objectives, solve all your doubts when it comes to learn or practice a language abroad in any of the schools or courses we offer.


Legal documentation and language barriers prevent many people from making decisions like these. But do not worry! Our service guarantees constant attention to detail in every step of the process, school aplication, student visa, etc.

Enjoy, do not complicate

Leave us the complicated, as an agency we take care of everything tedious, ensuring that you have the most fluid and best possible experience.

In the 21st century one of the premises of technology is to make life easier for us, and we share it, offering you the possibility of studying a language abroad as quickly and efficiently as possible, and always trying to find a better one way to improve our services and assistance.

Watch for your interests and your growth

It is very important that your life purpose is reflected in each of the challenges you assume. Interaction with a rich and different culture will feed your experiences and mind also being an extremely effective investment in your academic profile.

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We are here to assist you and open doors for you as a student in foreign countries. Our team wants the best for you in this adventure, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Turn your curiosity into reality, and start planning the best adventure of your life! Japan and Spain are waiting for you with open arms.